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Erin [userpic]

Erin [userpic]

Erin [userpic]

I just want to go back to GA for a while. I miss it so much. My friends, the people, the places.

I'm seriously overcome with some bad depression right now, so I'm going to go home and cry it out.

Erin [userpic]

I thought I'd ruin it for  you all since NPR ruined it for me.. but then I decided to be kind.

First sentence in the script (descriptive, not  a line) for how  the movie opens behind the cut.

SpoilerCollapse )

Erin [userpic]

So today I placed an order from Puresmoker for a PocketMini ECigarette Kit, along with 2 spare cartridges of low nicotine to start off till I figure out what strength cartridges I like best. With shipping, it was less than $70 total, so for the equipment to start up, and cartridges for the equivalent of around 100 cigarettes, it was right around the cost of a full carton of my PFunks.

Maintenance costs will be, at worst, $10 for an atomizer every month, and $25 for 5 packs of 5 cartridges whenever I'm about to run out, which is right around the equivalent of a carton.

So overall, I'm going to be saving around $40 a carton going this route.

Added bonus: e-cigarettes conatin no tobacco, so they produce vapor, not smoke, which will be easier on the ashtma. And my clothes won't stink like cigarettes.

For anyone who's still wondering, an e-cigarette is a battery powered tube into which you put cartridges which contain nictone, proprolyne glycol, and water. The atomizer vaporizes the water, the end lights up (like a real cigarette) and you inhale and exhale the vapor.

It's the new *it* thing in Europe, but is only just catching on in the states.

If you're interested in trying, use code "ecigreview" for a 5% discount.

I'll post a review once I get the goods in hand.


Erin [userpic]

Strange is running into a thread on /b/ about your former next-door neighbor in Atlanta, complete with pictures.

Is Deerhunter big down there now or something?

Erin [userpic]

I am incredible tired. I can't sleep. And I can't keep myself from a state of constant worry.

9 days ago my aunt, who seemed in tip-top health, had a major stroke. 9 days and no progress. The swelling hasn't decreased. She can't speak. Her right side is completely paralyzed. The only good thing is that she seems to be somewhat aware and has held on so far, but no one is sure how long that is going to last.  They moved her from surgical ICU to the neurology floor over the weekend, but her bed is now directly across from the nurses station, which is usually a pretty good indication of how bad things are. She's in Florida, and I'm the only support staff in the office this week due to others taking their vacation, so I can't take off and see her.

Not good.

Erin [userpic]

I'm so excited about this Christmas! 

I did it very cheaply this year, as there was a "no gifting" rule, but the first person I did get a gift to called me and told me he whooped when he got it. I've spent just short of a year trying to track down an unreleased miniseries, "Mother Love", from the 1980's for my Uncle Tom, who saw it once and loved it but never got to see it again. Thanks to the kindness of some anonymous Brits on a forum, I was able to get the torrent from them JUST in the nick of time for XMas, burn it, and overnight it to my uncle yesterday.

Giving feels so damn good sometimes!

Erin [userpic]

Can any of my ATL peeps tell me what the deal with Violet Arcane is? 

Erin [userpic]

I made an LJ for all the people I don't want to read this one. So if you're reading this now, be honored. :-D Just kidding.

it's: http://eringobragh1084.livejournal.com/.

Friend me on there as I'm not planning on crossposting, but I will continue to use this one to air my good dirty laundry.

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