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February 2011
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Erin [userpic]
7 lbs! 7 FUCKING LBS!

OMG.. so I started working out an hour a day, and have been eating 1,000 calories a day.. NO more soda.. cut out most of the sodium.. less drinking.. and since Sunday I've dropped from 142 to...


135 lbs!!!!!!!!

All the weight I gained from being laid up is GONE. I've not only regained my progress, but made more. I even had to put off corset shopping, since I don't wanna buy one and have it be too big in a month.

This gets me SO much closer to weighing 125 by mid-august. My final goal is to get to, and maintain, between 108-110 lbs. I've been looking at old pictures from college as an incentive, and to remind me of what I looked like when I was healthy.

I'm gonna go work out now, but this is totally awesome!


I work at a gym! I have potentially useful tips, if you ever need any.

way to go girlie, keep up the good work.
fitness FTW!

Um, not healthy!

Shouldn't you be eating more than 1,000 calories?

Yes, I'm happy for you and the weight loss, just don't make yourself sick.

Seven in one week is a lot.

I think a lot of it is from water weight. All I drink is soda.. soda.. and some alcohol. I've been drinking 10+ glasses of water a day lately though. I am increasing my calories to 1200 today though, since even though I have a lot of energy, I don't want to lose it.